Baby blues…

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It may seem very sudden..when the news comes in like a tsunami and turns your whole life upside down. You can never be ready for something this overwhelming, to you no amount of prep will seem adequate enough. So what do you do? How do you embrace the situation with a smile on your face and bounce in your step? You wait!
Having a baby might seem like the toughest thing you may ever have to do. Well, you aren’t entirely wrong. You do have to go through a whole lot of misery before and after the baby makes its appearance. Life was hard enough when only you had to take care of yourself, just go from point A to B like surviving the day from sun up to dusk. With the additional responsibility of rearing up a little live soft-toy, you are in for a world of pain.
You have already been warned about the morning sickness drama, but no one told you that you’d turn into a mine field 24/7 and this might continue for a long haul of time. It might happen that you’ll learn to hate anything that breathes, moves around you, anything that needs your attention will probably turn into an eyesore for you. Personal grooming and hygiene will definitely take a back seat and in a jiffy you’ll become an ugly Ogre from Miss Malibu Barbie.
Soon enough you’ll get used to the feeling of being perpetually bloated or a frigate’s anchor weighing you down. Use this time to prepare for the incoming miniature guest. You now have a free pass to shop till you drop and eat until you are blue in the face (given the fact that certain foods still don’t make you projectile vomit like a hose pipe!). Also bask in the love that people around you are showering you with. You’ll be the center of attention and pampered like a Goddess, an entourage of minions catering to your every whim.
As it happens, time will move at its own pace and you’ll find yourself at the threshold of a hospital. This is when the real journey begins. Your body was just preparing you for the hellish roller-coaster ride that comes after the birth of your “prince/princess cuteness”. Be strong, happy and don’t think twice before asking for help!
Just when you are failing to the find the silver lining on your dark cloud of this Baby mayhem, take a look around you …you have a thousand gifts to open and a million bubble wraps to pop! If that doesn’t make you bust a move out of joy..take your baby in your arms and revel in the love and glory and understand the fact that you made “this”. You deserve a pat on the back! You’ll find yourself agreeing that all this lunacy was worth it after all 🙂